Stash - 2004

Wijckerbrugstraat 45, Maastricht

Stash sells modern bags. Most shops display bags perched on a shelf. But bags do not ‘perch’ when they are worn; they hang. For this reason, Maurice Mentjens wanted a hanging display for the bags in Stash. The idea was quickly conceived to work with magnets, with which the bags could be ‘stuck’ to steel plates. Customers could then remove each bag from the wall to look at it and then stick it back in place. In this way, optimum use could be made of the entire wall surface of the fairly limited space (33 m²) for the presentation of the bags.

In the middle of the shop are two steel coves suspended from the ceiling with pedestals underneath for the eye-catchers. This increases the presentation surface area still further, as well as adding a strong architectural element. This creates two passageways with a large mirror wall at the end, making the shop appear much larger (longer).

The cove and pedestal theme can also be seen in the shop window with a smaller space in between. This adds more intrigue, as it distinguishes the shop window from the shop itself and also restricts the view of the counter (which has its back facing the window) from outside the shop.

The red coating on the walls and ceiling makes the shop very appealing to passers-by. Moreover, this colour perfectly complements the often bright colours of the trendy bags sold at Stash. The floor, counter and pedestals fit in seamlessly due to their grey PU coating. The rounded joins between the ceiling and the walls and coves gives the interior the appearance of having been pressed out of an extrusion mould. Lastly, above the counter are storage cupboards, hidden behind the red steel plates.

Dutch Design Award Retail Design

The interior design for Stash has won the Dutch Design Award 2005 in the category Retail Design.

This year there were more than 700 submissions and 164 entries chosen for the Design Selection, 51 nominations and 17 prizes awarded by 63 expert jury members. Website Dutch Design Awards

The nominations were: Storeage with a retail design for a T-Mobile shop - Marcel Wanders with the Bisazza stand for the Salone del Mobile Milan 2005 - Maurice Mentjens with Stash

The Jury Report :

The design distinguishes itself by breaking the mould of the traditional design for a bag shop. The layout clearly creates added value for the clients and their customers. The way in which the innovative display method with the magnets plays a central role is original and is the kind of idea that we would like to have thought of ourselves.

Arjen Schmitz

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